Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Is Pretty Busy With Several Television And Film Projects! Check it out to know more.

Actor Tom Felton became a Household name after his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movie franchise. While the actor is most popularly known as Draco and will be associated with Harry Potter given the popularity of the movie franchise his role, the actor has been working on several other projects as well.


What Is Tom Felton Doing After The End Of The Harry Potter Film Franchise?

Tom Felton is also making his name outside the Harry Potter franchise, he was recently seen in the lead role in Youtube Premium Series titled Origin. One of his other popular roles in television series is in CW’s The Flash as Julian Albert aka Alchemy.


Apart from some notable roles in television shows and series, Felton is all set to star in a comedy film titled Whaling alongside Tammin Sursok. They will be playing the role of dysfunctional brother and sister who are forced to face each other as a result of their deceased mother’s final wish. The movie is directed by Sean McEwan.


The Actor Has Been Busy With Several Other Television And Film Projects.

Apparently, the actor did audition for both the role of Harry Potter and Rom Weasely but was eventually selected to okay the role of Draco Malfoy. Tom Felton has gone on record and said that he is nothing like Draco in his personal life.



Moreover, the actor has also successfully managed to bag role under big streaming platform like Netflix and it seems like the Tom Felton is surely going places with keeping himself busy with several projects at hand. However, he will always have a special place as Draco Malfoy for Harry Potter fanatics.