The Whole Amber Heard – Johnny Depp Divirse Battle Took An Unexpected Turn With Amber Heard Filing Another Big Lawsuit With Double The Charge! Check it out.

It seems like the ongoing Amber Heard- Johnny Depp feud is not going to end anytime soon and is becoming all the more dramatic with time. The divorce battle has been ongoing since 2017 and has still not reached a proper conclusion.

The Amber Heard – Johnny Depp Divorce Battle Is Becoming Fierce With Time!

The couple got married back in 2015 but their marriage was a short-lived one with the pair soon filing for divorce, with citing domestic abuse as the reason. Heard went on to claim that Johnn Depp was extremely abusive in the relationship, he used to be mentally, physically, and even sexually abusive to her.

Soon after these severe claims were made, actor Johnny Depp went on and filed a $50 million lawsuit for Defamation. Depp, on the other hand, claimed that he was not abusive at all and it was Amber who was the abusive one and even claimed that she cheated on him in the marriage.

The Aquaman Star Has Sued Depp With A Lawsuit With Double The Charge

A voice clipping was leaked a few months ago where it was confessed that Amber Heard used to hit Depp with pots and pans , however The Aquaman star denied such allegations and moreover sued him with double the charge of his own lawsuit claiming that Depp directs all these authentic and inauthentic social media accounts’  in order to put the actress in a bad image in front of the people.

With the case turning into a fierce battle with time , we wonder how will the whole thing come into conclusion with the blame game getting all intense with some big lawsuits on the way.We will see how this whole thing reaches a point of conclusion.