Taylor Swift opens about how things ended while talking to Rolling Stone and calls Kanye West two-faced.

Taylor Swift finally breaks the ice and speaks up about the infamous phone call with Kanye West. These days, Taylor Swift has made her time to the press scarce.

Since the release of her new album “Lover”, Taylor Swift seems to get back to usual self and is trying to spend some time with the press. During an interview with the Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift has opened about the friction that is increasing between her and rapper Kanye West. Taylor Swift has also opened up about the infamous call they now share. Rolling Stone magazine has released earlier today and features Taylor Swift for the cover picture.

Talking about the phone call of Kanye West, Taylor Swift has said that the world couldn’t just digest the context and the events that have led up to it. Taylor Swift has added that without some lead, there is nothing that just happens for the sake of happening.

The volatile relationship between Kanye West and Taylor Swift dates back all the way to the MTV Video Music Awards 2009. Taylor Swift has won the award for the Best Female Video during the 2009 VMAs and while she gave her acceptance speech, suddenly Kanye West has taken over the stage and said that he was really happy for her and added that he liked BeyoncĂ©’s video better than hers.

Taylor Swift has reflected that after the incident that took place in 2009 VMAs, she wanted him to respect her. She said that he has disrespected her loudly enough for her to think that he was indeed antagonizing her.

Taylor Swift has revealed that they had gone to dinners and stuff and how Kanye West would say sweet things about how nice her music sounds. But this all has happened before the MTV Video Music Awards 2015 has happened.