Tati Westbrook exposes the evil and cruel side of Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star!! Check out the controversy!

Complicated is it when you are controlled by someone else. Even worse when they rule over you only for their benefits and to gain publicity. Not only is it detrimental for the one being used, but also sends out a bad narrative to the world around us. It tells others that we must not care about the feelings of others and only be centered on our benefits.


One such famous incident is going to be revealed in this article about the famous YouTubers who rose their voices for the right. Considering how much amount of struggles it takes to overcome the trauma that one suffered when they were victimized and even more when they take up the decision to speak about themselves. 

Which incident is being talked about here?

Nowadays, a lot is happening on platforms like youtube when people are exposing the corners of their lives and speaking up for themselves, exposing the ones who used the victims only for their benefits. Having heard of many in the past, this one focusses on Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, and Tati Westbrook. Westbrook has mentioned several times about the ill-treatment that James Charles would do with those who were straight, himself being a gay man.


She was only used for the benefits of others to become famous themselves using Westbrook as a toll. She has described her shyness from YouTube in her recent videos. She has explained in her videos that her thoughts were manipulated before they were mended into a video as some of them were critical to the image of Charles. When she described her inner feelings for him, Charles happened to lose many subscribers. This had an impact on herself when she got a bad image of herself in the eyes of others and was forced to stay away from social media for a while due to that trauma.


She expressed her love for Charles afterward and came in a solo video to express her apology to Charles for her behavior. She truly loved him, however, due to Shane and Jeffree, she had bad thoughts for him in the back of her mind despite loving him from her inner soul.