Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber getting divorced?? What is wrong in their marriage?

One of the most known and talked about couples of Hollywood is doubtlessly that of Hailey and Justin Bieber. The two had love in the air when they first married each other. Hailey has been in controversies in the past of being in a relationship with stars before she married Justin and was in a serious involvement with them.


The couple has confessed love for each other several times. Hailey was especially open and transparent about her love with the singer while she expressed her love for him in several real-life shows. She has been highly vocal about the bond that she and Justin shared over the years of togetherness. 

When were the two in a fight, if ever?

Well, it should be wrong to say that the two were involved in a fight or beef as the media is showing their relationship to be. The two have shared a good space in each others’ lives. The two have expressed their love for each other on several occasions. However, the fact that they are not in the same terms as they were before wouldn’t be wrong to say. The two have had differences and have experienced a lack of binding and love with each other.


The feeling of losing interest in each other was common due to the absence of love that the two were expected to have by the virtue of the relationship that they share. Since they lived a bland life with each other, it is no surprise to hear rumors about them divorcing each other as they have nothing to keep them in touch with.


Their fans were distressed on hearing that piece of sad news. Hoping their famil intervenes and takes the responsibility of holding the love between the two intact.