Tara Reid talks about quarantine life with Jedward: how’s it going and what is she up to during this lockdown?

The American Pie alum is currently in lockdown with the two singers

Tara Reid is currently spending quarantine with Jedward, who she met while competing in Celebrity Big Brother in the UK back in 2011. The situation right now is similar to Celebrity Big Brother, except you will get infected with a virus if you’re not too careful while going out. Reid’s boyfriend Nathan Montpetit-Howar is also staying with the trio at her LA apartment.


Podcast reveal

Reid first revealed the news in her We Hear podcast, and talked about how being locked in our respective homes for long periods is not easy, and said it’s not been easy for her either as she stayed in a two room apartment. She also spoke about how everyone gets in each other’s way, with her having to do business for her movies and her boyfriend having his own business to take care of and mortgages to pay off.


Jedward, which is the stage name of twins John and Edward Grimes came to America in the middle of March, which was around the time when lockdown was initiated. She introduced them in her podcast and talked about how they had made the whole experience better and called them her best friends.

Jedward kept chiming in saying about how they had cleaned the windows to “earn their keep”.

In the movie front, Reid shared recently that she was in talks to play Carole Baskin in the Tiger King movie which has Nicolas Cage playing Joe Exotic. In an interview with US Weekly, Reid discussed that she may be playing the activist, who was in the center of a lot of controversy and had a Netflix documentary made on her. She said she will be spending time with Baskin if she gets the role.


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