Who is Olivia Jade Giannulli dating right now? Who is this special someone? Read to find out.

One knows the trending topics and stories of the world due to social media. Not a click away and we know the major events taking place around us. Olivia Jade, daughter of Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin is a YouTuber and social media enthusiast. Not much into her career, she became a public face in high school and has many fans worldwide now. Yes, she is the face that we see in Sephora and TRESemme and their promotions.


An insight into her career

She started endorsing the companies written above along with other fashion and makeup commodities. Rumors say that she was a college drop out along with her sister who got into the business of endorsements, however, her college spokesperson called her dropping out of college rumors. Her career took a turn when she was caught for seeking admission by unjust means after which many companies didn’t want to work with her. The same scandal lost her Guthy who was her then-boyfriend.

Her dating life


Her dating life and professional life were reinforcing each other. She was doing well in her career and that’s when she started dating Guthy, before him, she was rumored to have dated Tyler. However, the incident that revealed her personal life lost her valuable in her life. After her breakup she decided to then focus on herself and started paying attention to her brand promotion, she moved into a new apartment.


A life filled with success, however, uncertainties in her personal life makes one think once again over the fact that is materialistic achievements everything, or does one need the support of someone in their lives? She was seen with her ex-boyfriend, Guthy when they both posed for a photo together. Seems like the two have reunited. Not confirmed, chances are that they have mended a way together once again.