Will we ever get to see season 6 of Supergirl on Netflix? Check out these latest updates on the show!

Netflix has been a big blessing in these lockdown days. It came up with ample of amazing contents for us not to get bored at home. Well, its not the end now, because we have several more shows aligned on the streaming service for you. One such show which the audience is desperate to get is Supergirl season 6, so let’s dive in and get all the information about the show.


One of the CW shows on Netflix in the DC Arrowverse, Supergirl has five hit seasons streaming on the platform. And Supergirl season 6 is also gonna be out soon.

When will Supergirl season 6 release?

The previous release date for Supergirl season 6 was supposed to be in October this year, but unfortunately, the filming couldn’t complete due to the pandemic. And thus, new release date for Supergirl season 6 will be in the first few months of the year 2021. Fixed date hasn’t been revealed yet but we’ll surely get it by April.


Now as we all know that it first airs in the UK and then US, so for all the US fans, they will be able to watch Supergirl season 6 sometime around August 2021.

Launch schedule for Supergirl season 6


Schedule for the launch of Supergirl season 6 is really authentic. Well well well, if you would have watched the previous seasons, you might be knowing that all the episodes of this series doesn’t land together. The episodes will be coming on the streaming platform every weekend.


Will Supergirl end after season 6

Fortunately, we do not need to worry about that. Netflix and The CW had a big deal in 2019 according to which some of the shows including Supergirl will be staying for a long time, we could say 2024 at least.