Supervillain of DC comics Dwayne Johnson is starring in an upcoming movie based on the Justice Society of America Black Adam. Read on to know the details.

A Supervillain of the DC comics, Dwayne Johnson, is turning himself into a hero of sorts for the upcoming film. Read on to know more about the forthcoming movie.

Latest deets on Dwayne Johnson Starring Black Adam; Movie is said to introduce the Justice Society

Dwayne Johnson is already signed to play a lead hero character in the movie, which is slated to premiere in the holiday season of 2021. I know what you think that there are still two years in the release of the movie so why I am sharing this information now, I am sharing because the star Johnson is already giving teasers for the film.

Dwayne Jonson interview with ScreenRant

Recently, Dwayne spoke to ScreenRant and told about the possibility of leading a role opposite to Zachary Levi’s Shazam. Though, later, it was decided to be instructed me in a standalone film. Johnson also lightens up the fact behind the movie, where he stated that Black Adam film would also be introducing The Justice Society of America.

Hart also stated that he could appear in Black Adam as a sidekick while promoting Jumanji: The Next Level with While after hearing his statement, Johnson indicated that the character does not have a sidekick and said, “We are also planning to introduce JSA in Black Adam. In JSA, there will be a role of having an animal, a pet.

And at last, Johnson provided his fans an exciting piece of information, though. “JSA, we are planning to introduce the world to JSA in the movie.” I hope you’ve got it. What is JSA?