Michael Sheen is very excited to be a new parent while ex Kate Beckinsale misses their daughter terribly!

When it comes to becoming a parent, while some are on the cooler side, some are more emotional. It is not uncommon for parents to get attached to their children. It’s pretty normal in fact. For actor Michael Sheen, the idea of becoming a parent is “really exciting” to him. 50-year-old Michael shares a seven-week-old daughter named Lyra with Anna Lundberg, a Swedish actress. And now he is remembering the challenges he faced in parenthood. He is relishing all those memories but it seems he’s also craving it.

Lyra isn’t the only daughter Michael Sheen has. He also shares a 20-year-old daughter Lily Mo Sheen with Kate Beckinsale. About his feeling of being a parent, he expressed his opinions during an interview with the Times newspaper. He said for all ups and downs of parenthood, all it takes is his daughter Lyra to look at him and smile; and the world seems better again. He also said it’s been a while since he became a new parent since his other daughter Lily is 20 already. But the process is still exciting to him.

Michael feels things will be easier this time since things changed for him. All he wants is Lily to send him a text to let him know she’s alive. Michael apparently worries a lot, and he feels the best thing is when they make him feel everything is okay. Moreover, Michael is looking forward to spending Christmas with his new family.

Meanwhile, Kate Beckinsale is more like an emotional parent. The mom of the 20-year-old confessed that she has been sniffing her daughter’s socks after Lily left for college and, she misses her daughter terribly. Kate confessed in an Instagram post that she’s “huffing” Lily’s socks since she is away. Kate further added that she mainly did that to embarrass her. She had told her daughter that if she leaves home, she’d be going through her underwear drawer, just huffing everything while Lily’s gone. Sweet!

Beckinsale is going full-on with her intention. She said, “I won’t be going out I won’t have a life. I’m just going to be smelling your underpants and your socks.”