Stray Kids Makes Remarkable Debut At Billboard Chart With “Oddinary”

K-pop Band Stray Kids Enters First Time In Billboard 200 Chart

While the South Korean band Stray Kids have been active seen 2017. Their biggest success came this year with their album “Oddinary”. Surprisingly, the band’s first success came this year when the album of the k-pop band “Oddinary” made its way straight to the Billboard Top 200 charts.

Read ahead to know more about Korean band making its debut at Billboard Top 200 Chart.

Stray Kids Album “Oddinary” tops the Billboard Top 200 Chart

Stray Kids
JYP Entertainment

The South Korean band Stray Kids have not made any appearance with its album in the Billboard Top 200 Chart before. However, “Oddinary” made them get their biggest success so far. The album of the band this year not only entered in the Top 200 list of album for Billboard but aced the list as well. The list was however announced by Billboard on 28th March.

Yes, Oddinary album of the k-pop band has got the album on Billboard Top 200 Chart as No. 1. The list that announces the 200 albums that were loved by the audience, has chosen its No. 1 to be the Oddinary.

Korean band became 3rd Korean artist to enter Billboard Top 200 Chart

JYP Entertainment
Twitter/ Stray Kids

In terms of the sales of the Oddinary album, it got the US highest sales week for any album this year. Counting to the traditional sales of the album then it had 103,000 units sold. While 6500 were the streaming equivalent albums.

Apart from that, with the k-pop band now making its way on the top of Billboard. It has become the third Korean artists to enter the Billboard list. As before Stray Kids, the two other Korean artists to be in the billboard list were none other than BTS and SuperM.

Not to miss, the album “Oddinary” has now become the 13th non english album to reach No. 1 position at Billboard list ever.