Karissa Shannon & Kristina Shannon Makes Shocking Revelations About Her Pregnancy With Hefner’s Baby

Playboy Hugh Hefner’s Exes Makes Shocking Revelations

While the life of Playboy Hugh Hefner remained a hot topic throughout his life. His last exes, the twin sisters Karissa & Kristina Shannon were happy when they got the chance to enter the final season of the Girls Next Door show of Hefner. However, recently the twin sisters spoke about their experience in the Playboy Mansion of Hefner and it’s shocking.

Karissa Shannon revealed she was pregnant with Hugh Hefner’s baby

Hugh Hefner

Karissa Shannon & her sister Kristina Shannon were happy when they got the chance of entering the Playboy Mansion of Hugh Hefner at the young age of 18. However, they didn’t knew that life in the mansion wasn’t as they had thought of.

In the episodes of A&E docuseries “Secrets Of Playboy”, the twin sisters made shocking revelations about Hefner. Where Karissa revealed that she was pregnant with Hefner’s baby. She revealed to have aborted the baby without letting anyone know of it. Most importantly she didn’t want Hefner to know that she was pregnant with his baby.

Shannon sisters had some bad time at their 19th birthday

Karissa Shannon

Both Shannon sisters were really young when they were invited by the Playboy Hefner. As they entered the Hefner’s mansion at the age of 18. It was the duos 19th birthday that made them realise that they were in the wrong place.

Shannon sisters recalled in the episode of Secrets Of Playboy that were made to give oral se* to Hefner on their 19th birthday. The twin sisters even revealed that due to their 18 months of relationship with Hefner they got diagnosed with Chlamydia & PTSD. They recalled how se* with Hefner felt like ra*e.

However, despite a tough time at the Playboy mansion, the girls never feel like looking back at the experiences they had at the mansion. They believed that their traumatic experience took away a part of them.