Stranger Things Star Natalie Stuns Fans with a Big Revelation About her Battle with Anxiety and More!

While several celebrities have come forward and shared their own story of mental illness and the struggles that come along with it, another celeb has recently shared her own story of anxiety and depression as well.

Natalie Dyer Talks About The Importance of Privacy And More!

Stranger Things star Natalie Dyer recently came forward and made a major revelation about her anxiety battle and how the overwhelming fame she is receiving might be taking a toll on her.

In an exclusive interview, the twenty-five-year-old star confessed that she has been struggling to connect with her fans on social media. Dyer further explained that she doesn’t find social media easy with every person being so different and some people enjoy it. However, for Natalie, it just seems like a lot of anxiety as she has been always been a private person.

The Stranger Things Star Recently Revealed One Of Her Pet Peeves!

What is problematic for the star is that the social media presence is something that is expected out of a celeb but it is counterintuitive of Natalie’s nature. The Stranger Things star earlier revealed that it is her pet peeve is when people ask for a photograph with her without even having a proper conversation.

Moreover, it is not only Natalie but many celebs have gone on record to say how they would much rather prefer to keep things private and use less of the social media platform as it sometimes hinders that boundary. The social media can be a bit overwhelming and toxic at times and some people cannot handle it given the circumstances.  Fans can totally relate to Natalie Dyer on so many ways to be honest.