Morgan Wallen calls out Joe Biden celebrations as hypocritical, demands concert booking

Wallen was set to perform at SNL, but was removed after he was seen partying

Morgan Wallen has been expressing his anger after seeing all the celebrations following Joe Biden’s presidency win, and it’s not because he’s not a fan of Biden. Wallen called it out as double standards to see thousands of people out on the streets celebrating in the middle of a pandemic when he himself was removed from his scheduled performance in Saturday Night Live after videos of him partying in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, surfaced.

Holding concerts again


Wallen was expressing his annoyance through his Instagram stories, starting off by saying, “the hypocrisy is real.” One part of it was directed at his performance getting cancelled, while the other is something musicians have been complaining about since the lockdown was initiated – that concerts have mostly been stopped. Wallen added that it’s fine if one cannot agree with what he has to say, but he has a family, band and crew that needs to be taken care of.

Morgan, 27, welcomed his first child earlier during the summer and credits 2020 for being his most successful year yet. He started his Whiskey Glasses Roadshow tour that took flight from Grand Rapids, Michigan on Jan 2. But that came to a sudden stop after the pandemic took started getting worse in March and lockdown was initiated. After seeing the Biden celebrations, Wallen said that if it’s okay to party in the streets without concern for social distancing, then it must be okay to book shows as well.

Aside from Wallen, Chase Rice, who was in a pickle earlier for performing a concert without any permission also voiced his anger about people celebrating in the streets. Brian Kelly of Florida Georgia Line also asked for concerts to be held again.