Katy’s Jones And Nicola Adams Are Leaving Popular Show, Strictly Come Dancing Under Shocking Circumstances!

While Coronavirus is continuing to wreak havoc on the entire world, it seems like it has also managed to disrupt the Entertainment segment as well.

Nicola Adams And Katya Jones Had To Leave Popular Show Strictly Come Dancing Midway!

Fans might be shocked to know but former boxing star Nicola Adams and her dance partner Katya Jones in the popular reality television show Strictly Come Dancing had to leave the show midway as Katya has been tested positive for COVID. Nicola Adams has also issued a social media post via Twitter further confirming the news of their exit.

To ensure safety for the entire cast and crew of the show, the pair has to self isolate themselves, and would not be able to be a part of the rest of the series as per the program’s protocol. The pair made history as the first same-sex couple to take part in the UK show.

The Pair Has Expressed Their Heartbreak For Leaving The Show So Soon!

Nicola Adams has expressed her disappointment and said that she is devastated that her journey on the show is coming to an end so soon. Adams further said that she had so much to give. However, she thanked Katya for being the best dancing partner anyone could ask for.

Moreover, Katya Jones is reportedly asymptomatic and while she is devastated to leave this way, she also added that she has made a friend for life and loved every moment of this special journey! We would have loved to see the pair to stay for a while. However, this unfortunate situation could not be avoided at any cost and it was the right thing to do.