Stranger Things Is All Geared Up For A Fourth Season! Checkout for Release date, theories, plot and more..

We all love it when our favorite show makes a comeback with a brand new season. We have some good news for Netflix fans. Apparently, it seems that a popular show doesn’t with a new season. Let us find out the details.

What About The Stranger Things Season 4? What Will Be Different This Season?

Apparently, Stranger Things is up for a fourth season. Although no release date is announced yet. But we won’t mind another season of amazing magic, possessed children and slimy monsters.

The Stranger Things Twitter account shared something that created the much-awaited buzz and gave a hint about the brand new season. The caption read” We’re not in Hawkins anymore”.

What About The Old Characters? Is Someone Dead?

The third season left us with one of the shocking cliff-hangers for their fans! It showed that Chief Jim Hopper is dead. Although many fan theories are suggesting that he might have made it. Fans even spotted a possible escape route for Jim to escape. According to sources Ross Duffer said that he just has a rough outline for the upcoming season.

We can’t hold our excitement for the fourth season and how it will turn everyone’s life upside-down. The show has already become quite popular and is also the most popular original series, according to Netflix. We hope Robin gets to continue to use her brains to unravel all the mysteries of the Upside down. One of the guards in Russia instructs to leave the American in his cell as plans of using Russian prisoner as bait instead. This American can be out very own cranky cop.

There are a lot of cliff-hangers and it will be quite interesting to see how the fourth season will eventually unravel. We hope the wait won’t be too long for the fans!