HBO: Official twitter handle of “Game of Thrones” confirms prequel to Games of Thrones

A great news for GoT fans HBO has announced a prequel to the television series “Game of Thrones”.
The television network declared the announcement of the series, the series would be called “House of the Dragon”.
On October 30th Wednesday the official twitter handle of “Game of Thrones” also tweeted the upcoming prequel’s announcement.

According to sources, the series will focus mainly on central character Daenery’s family history. Tracing the fiery past of the ancient Targaryen clan and their backstories. The title refers to the ancient Westeros House’s famous Dragons which in the fictional universe saw them ascend to power before the family curse of madness.

The series is set to be 300 years before the events of the “Game of Thrones”. It might include the massive civil war between rival factions within House Targaryen if the series follows George Martin’s acclaimed novel. The war might be known in the fantasy universe as “The Dance of the Dragons”.