Stole a toilet of Gold worth $1 million from Blenheim Palace!! The thief got creative with his work!

The 18-carat gold toilet installed in the Blenheim Palace, England, was stolen on the morning of 14th September. Everybody is looking forward to getting a glimpse of the gold toilet ever since Maurizio Cattelan created the sculpture.

How did the gold toilet gets stolen:

On Saturday morning around 4.57 am (GMT) the police were informed about the burglary that took place at the Blenheim Palace. The CEO of Blenheim palace was the first person to learn about the robbery. He sent the staff to the police to inform them about the happening. The police also said that the toilet is plumbed into the building caused damage and flooding. The CEO also said that its a great shame that a sculpture of such caliber is stolen. The police also caught a 66-year old man under suspicion but could find nothing.

Impact of the burglary on the Palace:

The World Heritage Site remained closed to the visitors on Saturday, but it will remain open as usual Sunday onwards. The gold toilet was first installed in the Guggenheim museum where thousands of visitors use to visit and also paid for using it.

How is the gold toilet related to Donald Trump:

When the gold toilet was displayed in New York’s Guggenheim museum, the golden throne was also offered on Loan to Donald Trump in 2017. The museum’s Cheif curator said that it could be installed in the White House. He also said that he would lend the toilet to President Trump on a long-term loan.