Beyonce dancer Ashley Everett reveals the truth behind her breakup with boyfriend John Silver!! The viral on stage proposal was the fairy-tail, but the truth was way different! Checkout what happened.

Ashley Everett is no uncommon name. But if somehow you have escaped it, you will find her face in multiple videos where Beyonce is performing on stage. She has been with Beyonce for over 10 years on every single tour and on-stage performances.

But in 2016, Ashley Everett made it to the news on a large scale when another fellow dancer John Silver proposed to her on stage in the middle of a performance at St Louis, Missouri. In between “All the single ladies” performance by the singer, Silver took the microphone from Beyonce and proposed in the grandest of ways. And obviously, Beyonce was not unaware of the entire act. And Ashley, being overwhelmed by the fans, the cameras, and the big proposal, tearfully accepted the proposal. And even after the surprise proposal, Ashley nailed the entire choreography.


However, it has been three years since then, and apparently, Ashley Everett is not together with Silver anymore. But why? What happened during these years that even after that amazing on-stage proposal, they split? People have been coming to their own conclusions and giving their own opinions regarding this matter. But finally, Ashley opened up about her breakup with John Silver.

She has said that she is not the person who needs big gestures or grand surprises, and she is more of a low key kind of girl. Even though the proposal was grand, Ashley felt that she would not have chosen that if it was her choice. Everett said that she had met John when they were quite young, and even though they were together, they had spent most of the time away from each other.

But after the proposal, she was not sure about what she wanted. She didn’t feel it in her heart to get married. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to take the huge leap and gradually she felt that she was not on the same page as Silver. Both of them had different goals and dreams, and they were drifting apart. They took some space and realized that it would be the right decision for them to break up. And even though Ashley was unsure about what people would think after that grand proposal, she knew that she had made the right decision and being a human, everyone may make their own choices.

And she couldn’t have been more right, could she? Ashley won hearts for being honest and rightfully so because people could relate to it and understand her point of view.