Stargirl’s New Sneak Peek is Full of “black and white” Mysteries!

DC revealed new sneak peek

A new sneak peek of “Stargirl” has been revealed by DC during DC Fandome 2021. And that sneak peek gives us a hint of interesting and epic conclusion of season 2 of the show.

Adapted from a DC comic, this American superhero show follows the life of teenager Courtney Whitmore, also known as Stargirl and her Justice Society of America. She discovers the Cosmic Staff of Starman and becomes inspiration for the new generation superheroes.

The Sneak peek

The brand new sneak peek video revealed the fate of those people stick on the shadowland by Eclipso, who is also the main antagonist of the show. We see that the heroes are dealing with the consequences of their actions and fighting with their past. At the mean time the main character Courtney Whitmore is stuck in a black and white as well as miserable place facing old enemies and allies which also represents her biggest fears.

Stargirl sneak peek
Stargirl | Instagram

The teaser does not clear that what is going on that black and white scene. The enemies Courtney meets includes Cindy “Shiv” Burman who is stuck in the shadowland since the very first season. In the end of the sneak peek we see Stargirl come face to face the real Dr. Mid-Nite who was stuck there since when the Hall of Justice was attacked.

Behind the characters

Stargirl sneak peek
Stargirl | Instagram

The show stars Brec Bassinger as Stargirl while Nick Tarabay plays the antagonist Eclipso, Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan, Anjelika Washington portrays Dr. Midnite, Yvette Monreal in seen as Yolanda Montez, Hunter Sansone plays Icicle Jr. and Cameron Gellman as Hourman.

The 1 minute and 56 seconds teaser contains some mystery that will only be solved in the next upcoming episode of Stargirl which releases next Tuesday at 8 pm on CW.