Spotify Ends their Contract with Neil; Removed the Iconic Music Catalogue

Neil Young’s journey over with Spotify

Neil Young’s fans won’t be getting him on Spotify now. Spotify has decided to drop Neil Young from the platform concerning over the widespread misinformation by Joe Rogan. It was evidently on 24th Jan when Neil Young posted a letter expressing his problem with the podcast by Joe Rogan on COVID vaccine information. But what made the singer to end up his contract with Spotify?

Well, you need to read ahead to know more about Neil Young and Joe Rogan dispute.

Young expressed disagreement over Joe Rogan podcast

Neil Young
Twitter / Neil Young

The Canadian star posted an open letter on his website concerning over the Joe Rogan podcast on COVID vaccine. Joe Rogan has a podcast running on Spotify titled The Joe Rogan Experience. Young has stated that listeners can have either Neil Young music or Joe Rogan on Spotify.

The Canadian American singer was upset over the misinformation spread by Joe Rogan on COVID vaccine that could have been deadly to people. Some of the listeners too backlashed at Joe Rogan for giving misleading information so vital for people these days.

Spotify Drops Neil Young’s Catalogue

Neil Young

76-years-old singer has been popular with his music on Spotify. However, getting dropped by Spotify will drop his revenue from Spotify too. As per the iconic rock star, he would suffer a straight 60 percent loss from Spotify if his catalogue gets dropped by Spotify.

Despite the opposing reaction by so many people Spotify hasn’t taken down or taken any reaction on Joe Rogan’s podcast. It was even reported that many doctors and medical science experts have written letter to Spotify to stop spreading baseless information about COVID vaccine. In a strict action to this, Canadian American singer decided to end his contract with Spotify recently despite suffering huge loss.