Levi Ackerman :everything you want to know about this anime character. Read to find out.

Levi ackermann,the squadron leader is known for his vitalness and often regarded as the humanity’s strongest soldier.

Being physically short with short black hair in a Chinese ascent, he is physical well built. He lead the special operations squad within the scout regiment.

He resembles dark circles under his blue eyes on a charming youth face. He is a sumerian expert with a a achieved mastery in in extensive omni-directional mobility over years of usage. He is quite serious by profession which is the biggest merit of his extremely undefendable response. This makes him completely unpredictable.

Oftenly sited in his scout regiment uniform, with lighten up grey button up shirt and his signature white ascot.When countering up on expeditions alongside the walls he even wears the Scout Regiment’s green hooded cloak (during special hours). Rarely when forced to take leave from his job due to injury, Levi ackermann was seen in a dark suit with plain white shirt, ascot, and formal shoes.

Levi is often described as a clean freak by his mates,t who know him closely and personally. He extremely leans towards cleaniness and spotless surroundings. Over with his mindset he usually put himself along with his equipments to be soiled and wipe down all the bloods accumulated during the wars. He has been seen cleaning his blood-smeared blades while still on the battlefield. However, he never hesitate to feel filth if he deems it necessary.

Despite his preoccupation with cleanliness, ackermann is abrasive and not terribly considerable. He seldom spills feeling, giving a calm and cold impression to others. The way he speaka leads to be taunting, trash and insulting, his comments are oftentimes coarse or otherwise inappropriate, and he’s not higher than agitative or belittling people who oppose, restrict or irritate him. His sense of humor tends toward the vulgar, insulting, and dark. All of this makes him unsettling to an excellent range of individuals.