Spider-Man Dispute: Spidey is going to leave MCU…..dispute between Disney and Sony is the reason?

Marvel fans surely had their hearts broken when they came over the news of Spider-Man leaving the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a turn of shocking events, Marvel Studios has officially announced that it is not going to be involved anymore with the production of Spider-Man movies in collaboration with Sony.

Allegedly the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has pulled himself out of the production of future Spider-Man movies due to disputed between Marvel Studios and Sony. The dispute between Marvel Studios’ parent company Disney and Sony was over the revenue sharing of films that star Tom Holland’s comic web-sling her, Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Dispute: Spidey is going to leave MCU.....dispute between Disney and Sony is the reason? 1
Image: Digital Spy

According to the sources Deadline has reached, probably Disney and Sony couldn’t come into an agreement over revenue sharing. As per the sources, Disney has put up a request for 50-50 sharing of the film’s revenue as it would help the Marvel Studios, as a stake to keep moving forward. But Sony has rejected this offer. However, Disney did not want to put up with the configurations that Sony has brought up to them. Currently, Sony is being led by Tony Vinciquerra and Tom Rothman.

Just a few hours back a spokesperson from the Sony Company confirmed that they are no longer in collaboration with Disney for the up-coming Spider-Man movies. The spokesperson representing the Sony Studios also said that they are utterly disappointed that Kevin Feige will no longer be the lead producer of Spider-Man films.

In a statement exclusively obtained from The Hollywood Reported, the spokesperson said that though they are disappointed with Kevin Feige not continuing his role but respect the decision Disney has taken on this matter.

Coming from an external source, Spider-Man is one of the biggest additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony and Marvel Studios have first come to an agreement for Spider-Man in the year 2015.