Space Force season 1 Is Here And The Laughter Engine Is Just Ready To Launch! Here is everything we know.

Steve Carell is back yet again and this time with a show that will make you go ROFL hard! Netflix has launched a new show Space Force starring Steve Carell! By the looks of it, you just cannot miss it at any cost!

Space Force Is Streaming On Netflix And It’s Everything You Need To Watch Right Now!

As the title itself suggests the show is about Space formation, Carell stars as Gen. Naird who in the very first look of the show laughs out loud when the idea of a Space Force is first mentioned, assuming it’s a joke. However, as luck would have it he is given the task to assemble a team for the next space launch.

The show is filled with witty one-liners and sometimes takes a dog at the present political figure of The USA and also the space world as well. Don’t forget to watch the whole craze surrounding a chimpanzee and a dog who are described as a “chimp astronaut” and a “dog astronaut!

Steve Carell Is Back To Make Us Laugh Just Like The Old Days!

While the show is not disappointing at all and has depicted the Space program in a whole new life. The genius minds behind popular sitcom The Office are behind this show as well, however, it is a tad bit different.

Lisa Kudrow has also made her appearance on the show after a long time and it’s like a great cast ensemble is back to tickle our funny bones. The show takes a dig at American system and doesn’t shy away from many way too many space jokes! Well, this show is a must watch during this Quarantine.