Rapper Killer Mike Has Written Co-Ed Urging Black Minorities To Ensure Safety Of Their Own! Read for more details.

After the whole world has been shocked when the incident of racial brutalities is going strong, Run The Jewels rapper Killer Mike has penned down an op-ed and urged the importance for the black communities to the second amendment which is the right to bear arms. Let us take a look at all the details given below.


Rapper Killer Mike Has Written An Op- Es Regarding The Right To Bear Arms! Here’s What We Know.

Mike has justifies this action by saying that it is important to ensure your own safety and we cannot just wait for the police at all times. He believes that the world is not just a safe place anymore and the rights to bear arms is extremely crucial at this point. The right to arms should be normalized and in order to ensure individual safety of minorities.


He also wrote that considering the current turn of events that occurred we cannot assume that everyone who wears a police uniform is just and fair. He further states that minorities can only rely on themselves and not on law enforcement.

He Is Urging The Minority Communities To Ensure Their Own Safety With Arms.

Killer Mike has stressed on the fact theta it is important that the present law normalized gun ownership of the black community. He also urged people to look at the National African American Gun Association, which offers firearms training, self-defense training, and other services as well.


Considering the huge outrage that have sparked due to the current turn of events,  the black communities are revolting for their rights and against police brutality amongst the community that seems to have increased with the recent case surrounding George Floyd.