Sophia Bush is making a debut on ‘This is Us’ and the fans are overwhelmed at this news

“One Tree Hill” fans exult, Sophia Bush is impending to “This Is Us” when the NBC series rebounds for the back half of season 4. Along of the mid-season premiere on Jan. 14, the web released the casting news. And as wonted, every “This Is Us”fan has tired out every moment speculating who will play the role of “Bush” and how her guest displaying role will affect the Pearson family gripping forward.

In case you didn’t know, Bush is well known for her part as Brooke Davis on The CW’s “OneTree Hill”. She also dotted as Erin Lindsay in NBC’s Chicago P.D. Y

You may perceive the 37-year-old starlet from films like John Tucker Must DieStay Alive, and The Narrows. And according to her IMDB sketch, Bush currently burrowed her tone to Disney’s “Incredibles 2″, playing Voyd.

With  “This Is Us” advancing its two month lapse end, fans are creeping for more news, assuming to piece a few things in sync before the winter premiere. When the season finished in November, viewers were left with a few shockers.

For one, Kevin (Justin Hartley) has a pregnant future.. Meanwhile, in the current day, Kate (Chrissy Metz) unwittingly saw Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) CrossFit group verse, where he asserts he is trying to “get past it, but it’s hard.” Then a character with the username “LadyKryptonite” wrote, “Don’t let her bring you down. Here for you.”

When NBC issued Bush’s guest spot, alongside Pamela Adlon, spectators pondered whether the starlet will be indulged with one of these storylines. Some fans advised Bush could likely play  “Rebecca’s sister or LadyKryptonite.” Both characters are ones we have yet to see.

Regardless, it looks everyone still wants to see Bush take on a symbolic role in”This Is Us Season 4″ .

“I love her. So agitated!!” one fan wrote. “I hope she takes on a role that’s more durable (like Kevin’s fiancée) cause she is a bliss on screen.”