PewDiePie releases one final video on YouTube before taking a long break

Prior disclosing plans for a break in early 2020, dubious YouTuber Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg divulged his final clip today and initiate his lapse in earnest.

In a video discharged today titled “It’s been real, but I’m out,” PewDiePie savors from a beaker of whiskey and declares his exit.

Guys, we did it. After ten years, I am certainly taking a break. This is the last clip as he stated. As stated in a post.

But this isn’t the edge of the YouTuber as we know him.PewDiePie lingers, pointing the finger at assigns of media for twisting his previous break proclamation into affirmation that he was departing the platform for good.

Supporting a more sincere tone, PewDiePie explains-No, I’m not dropping, media, as much as you wanted.I can’t consider this. This is so curious. I’m relishing every moment. The truth is I don’t want to go on break. The truth is I love building clips. I just feel I need to do this.

As for the logics for the hiatus, PewDiePie says–I think this year has been so much pilling up that I think I should just cool down for a dose.

Despite the ambiguity of what literally has weighed so densely on the YouTuber this past year, it isn’t foolish to assume that personal and professional milestones bounded to a harsh upload agenda have led to burnout.

In the last year, the YouTuber married his long term companion and outpaced 100 million subscribers after a public head  to head with emulate channel T-Series.

That elicit PewDiePie into the core of India-Pakistan relations, and then the familiar abstain.”Subscribe to PewDiePie” was proclaimed in the terrifying clip shot by the assassin of the Christchurch mosque shooting in March.

PewDiePie cease the video by affirming that he doesn’t yet know when he will hark back to his slate of daily videos.