Daniel Radcliffe Is In Some Serious Trouble In His New Movie!

It seems like our very own Harry Potter has Impressed us with yet another upcoming film. The Madman Gulms has recently released the first trailer for Guns Akimbo. The trailer jas some kick-ass actions align with great comedy in which Daniel Radcliffe gets chased around an illegal deathmatch by a gothic-out Samara Weaving.

Daniel Radcliffe Is Facing Some Bad Guys Over The Internet In This New Trailer.

The actor has guns bolted to his hands and is not wearing pants for a good portion of the footage. Daniel plays the role of Miles, a talented online game developer who runs afoul of the maniacal mastermind behind the underground fight club known as Skizm. The trailer shows that he is forced against his will into the live-streamed an extreme fight for his life. To win it Miles must avoid the game’s number one killer, Nix.

The trailer shows Radcliffe as a corporate drone turned deadly gameshow competitor after a bunch of bad guys break into his apartment and bolt a pair of guns to his hands. The trailer promises a rather chaotic and action-packed plot. It would be indeed interesting to see the actor in a story that seems to be quite different.

The film is all set to hit the big screen on 5th March. Let us see how this film turns out to be for our star!  Daniel Radcliffe has never before done a movie like this. This role sure is different from his previous roles that the actor has done earlier. Let us see how well this film scores at the box office. We sure are excited for the movie and for the actor as well!