Sony revealed their latest PS5 logo at CES 2020 and the new controller will have one surprising feature!!

Sony revealed their latest PS5 logo. The big news was announced at CES 2020. Rhe new PlayStation is not like PlayStation 4. It’s will be different in it’s own ways. But the logo would still be the same. Sony has always had the logo the same for years and had not changed it. Even for all the new games and everything, the logo is still the same. If there would be a change it would be weird also because there has been lots of people who are used to seeing it. Not just that, Sony has always been like that and a change would be so different for sure. But there will be additional changes to it which everyone would love and enjoy it.

Till now the news was that the new controller will have one surprising feature. Everything is for a surprise and has been kept in the dark so that everyone would love it when it comes out. This is just the news that has so far reached all the eyes and ears of the people. Even how it will look and it’s piece or model and about its details nothing has been weird, which is so strange. Microsoft when they released their Xbox, they had shown and revealed its details, pictures and information regarding it and all.

Hopefully everyone would enjoy it and buy more of it. But there has been some saying that there would not be really a competition between Sony and Microsoft because both of them are different in their own ways and it might not really affect that much at all. But it is not sure though because the new PlayStation 5 has not been out yet. Not just that, not even its details and everything about it is not even revealed yet. So no one can really predict it.