A patient growing pubic hair on the face has come to Botched Doctors for help

A painful dog bite caused even more tragic aftermath with growth of pubic hair on the face

Botched’s upcoming episode shows a strange and saddening ordeal of a woman. The American reality TV show that airs on E! is about the repair of extreme plastic surgeries that have gone wrong, by doctors Terry Dubro and Paul Nassif.

Traumatic Injury

In a preview for the Monday’s episode, a patient named Crystal Coombs has come to find a remedy for a patch on her face which has pubic hair growing on it. She details out her painful injury when she was attacked by a dog in her childhood at the age nine which resulted in the complete removal of a chunk of skin from her face by the wild beast.

Crystal could have got over the traumatic incident if it hadn’t this tragic aftermath. After the accident, she was immediately rushed to the ER, where doctors instructed her to see a plastic surgeon to ensure the best outcome and have the wound repaired. To restore the skin patch ripped off by the dog from her, the doctor used the grafting procedure.

Surgery & Aftermath

The plastic surgeon used a skin graft from her groin to reconstruct the patch and now it has pubic hair growing from it.She tells that it was the suggestion of the plastic surgeon suggestion for skin graft and to take it from the groin. The surgery took place post which the hair started growing. On being asked by Dr. Paul Nassif, if she has literal pubic hair growth on the face, she exclaims yes and said that she doesn’t remember doctors saying anything about growing pubic hair out of the skin patch on the face.

Puzzled by the doctor’s suggestion, the star surgeon Terry Dubrow, MD explained that it was little unusual to take graft using groin or crotch skin because there are so many places to take skin from.

Talking about the effects, Coombs said that she left it unattended for years as it didn’t affect her, but now she is a mom and she doesn’t have it to affect her daughter negatively when she’ll be ready to go school.


She requested the Botched doctors is to replace her facial patch, making it “as small and minimal as possible.” However, the procedure could deform the entire structure of her face.

Talking about the case, Dr. Dubrow explains that Crystal’s case is deceptively very complicated. He adds that That skin graft is very close to critical anatomic structures like the nose, the cheeks, and the eye, that if altered, even a little bit, can change the entire shape of the face, and look very deformed.”