Keanu Reeves is coming with blazing guns again in John Wick Chapter 4! Check out the release date and the storyline!

People across the globe like watching spine chiller. John Wick is one of them which causes the same feelings for its audience. It has been generally welcomed by fans who were bored and did not like the same old action stories. John Wick’s film is full of that refresher joined with the portion of included feelings in the plot of the film.


The film is known for its overwhelming savagery and ruthlessness. The outline of the film has been made cunningly and ably arranged. The actors have performed very well touching the emotions of the audience by doing mind blowing acting. The movie is a hit and has received a lot of lauds too.


Keanu Reeves eventually is back with a blast, and he got enormous promotion after John Wick. His character in the film is truly baffling as an assassin. He had deep feelings for his dead wife. He was madly in love with her. The contribution made by him in this film is irreplaceable.

When will the movie air?

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the movie which was earlier going to release on 21st May 2021 has been delayed to 22nd May 2022. This Pandemic anyways did not affect or demotivate both the actor as well as his fans from the delay.

One great news is that, the creation of the movie has received a green nod by the team but still the arrival of John Wick 4 has aroused a lot of questions. The team has asked everyone to calm down and face the Pandemic bravely and by that time the team will work upon the movie and as soon as things become stable, the movie might hit the screens.