Snowfall Creates a Record – Season 5 Opens with Massive 4.3M Viewers

Snowfall with season five debut reaches highest viewership for the series

FX’s crime drama Snowfall was awaited since long with its season 5 this year and guess what with just three episodes of it aired so far, the season has got highest viewership for the series. While, season 5 stands to air its next two episodes on 9th March and 16th March, here’s what we know more about the fifth season of Snowfall.

Season 5 of Snowfall with two episodes reaches 4.3m viewers for the series


It was certainly on 23rd feb this year when the crime drama lovers awaited the premiere of season 5. FX’s crime drama as such gave two of its episodes on 23rd Feb and broke the records for the series. Well, Snowfall season 5 with its debut two episodes became the most watched season of the series.

Evidently, the fifth season of FX drama managed to surpass all its season records with a growth of viewership by 13% from its season 4. Not to miss, season 4 of the crime drama became the most watches series of FX in 2021.

Season 5 of FX drama with recap of its three aired episodes

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Evidently as the first episode of Snowfall airs on 23rd Feb, the Saint crew is seen beginning from summer of 1986. Franklin and his life seems going all good when a trouble knock his door. The next episode eventually begins with Teddy in the scene bouncing back to his CIA role. Alongside it also shows Jerome and Louie with Franklin and Veronique.

Episode three henceforth brings mess with Teddy, Jerome and Louie in the scene. While it also shows Teddy with Franklin later. The coming episode is soon to bring Cissy in the scene returning from Cuba. It would be thus interesting to see how the rest of the story unveils eventually.