iCarly Reboot : Josh Peck to reunite with ‘Drake and Josh’ Co-star, will appear as a Guest Star

iCarly Reboot : Josh Peck invited for Special Appearance

Paramount+‘s sequel of ‘iCarly’ is coming with bombastic reunion of cast of 2004 ‘Drake and Josh’. Currently streaming, ‘How I met your Father’ alum Josh Peck will appear as a guest star in upcoming revival of American teen sitcom ‘iCarly’. He was acting as Miranda Cosgrove’s (protagonist – Carly) co-star in Dan Schneider’s Nickelodeon Series. In which the story revolves around two step brothers of opposite personalities living under one roof.

iCarly Reboot : Josh Peck
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Anyways, the forthcoming series starring Josh Peck will act the role of Paul. He is set as Carly’s aggressive manager who always make his stand against Freddie. Following, Paul is a man with ambition who always run after his success. He uses extraordinary managing techniques which clashes with the usual working features. However, in the end, Clary struggles hard to settle issues between them and make them work under one team.

In an interview, Peck claimed it as a nice opportunity to work again with leads as help them in their production. Meanwhile, Miranda Cosgrove thanked Peck and quoted they are friends so, he would love to work with them.

Deep dive into the storyline

The first season of ‘iCarly’ rolls in TV from 2007 to 2012. The plotline of first part focuses on a teenage ‘iCarly’ web show creator, Carly Shay who work hard with her bestfriends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson to make it a teen sensation. In the journey, they faces many obstacles and sometimes lands up in bad situations, but, still they never give up.

iCarly Reboot : Josh Peck
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The reboot is on the new storyline where the child characters enters into adult world. It forwards the timeline by Nine years. In the process, they thought of re-launching new web channel with more mature content to attract mature audience.

She tries to start a new in Seattle with her roommate Harper after being sandwiched in the love triangle between her ex, Beau and Wes, her current boyfriend. She starts to refocus on her old love ‘iCarly’ and family – friend circle. Besides, her best friend Freddie lives with stepdaughter Millicent and mother after two divorces. Meanwhile, Spencer, Carly’s older brother made many advances in life and considered as a wealthy artist.


The 10 episodes iCarly Reboot will bring back the original cast together including Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay; Jerry Trainor portrays the role of Carly’s older brother, Spencer Shay; Nathan Kress plays Freddie Benson who is Carly’s close friend and techno-lover and many more. Moreover, Dan Schneider creates the series under Paramount+. ‘iCarly’ series will premiere on April 8, 2022 as scheduled.