Sister Janet Mead, “The Lord’s Prayer” Famed Nun Passed Away at 84

Sister Janet Mead dies at 84

South Australian nun, Sister Janet Mead has died at the age of 84. The Catholic nun was best known for creating a pop-rock  version of “The Lord’s Prayer“. Due to her rock rendition, she became the first Australian person with an US gold record.

According to the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide in Australia, Mead lost her life to cancer on Wednesday.

Mead rose to fame meteorically due to her talent in music

After Festival Records noticed her rock masses, the spotlight was on her. Sister Janet’s fame rose even further when her International hit “The Lord’s Prayer” came out. The singing nun tried to integrate the Father’s prayer in a beautiful rock tune.

The single sold more than 2 million copies around the world and was distributed in 31 countries. Janet received a nomination at the Grammys too but lost to Elvis Presley.

Sister Janet Mead
Photo Courtesy: ABC News

The nun said that everyone in the world has a song to sing.

Mead introduced the concept of rock mass in South Australia which ended up being a hit.  She held them regularly in the St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Adelaide.

Sister Janet wasn’t just interested in creating music

While being best remembered for her fame in the music world, Sister Janet did much more. She devoted her life to helping and offering her support to the helpless and homeless.

And despite all the fame and fortune she received, the nun stepped away from the spotlight and donated her entire royalties to charity.

Sister Janet Mead
Photo Courtesy: Rick Stevens

Even after becoming a star who topped the charts, she led a humble life. She continued to teach at St Aloysius College and expressed that it was a strain due to all the interviews, radio and TV talk shows she was being invited to.

Sister Janet received the title of “South Australian of the year” in 2004 for her years of dedication to serving the homeless.

May her soul rest in peace.