The Resort: Luis Gerardo Méndez, Debby Ryan Nina Bloomgarden Join the Peacock Series Cast

The Resort cast unveiled

Peacock‘s series ‘The Resort’ has seven members in its cast. It is the upcoming comedy thriller series. The very known Luis Gerardo Méndez, Nina Bloomgarden, and Gabriela Cartol will appear along with Debby Ryan, Dylan Baker, Michael Hitchcock, and Becky Ann Baker.

Méndez popular works like ‘Narcos: Mexico’, ‘Murder Mystery’ will play the role of Baltasar Frías . The character of Luis is the Head of security at the Oceana Vista Resort in 2007. Nina’s character whom we knew in ‘Hot Pink’, ‘Jane’ series plays the role of  Violet Thompson. Cartol who previously worked in ‘La camarista’, Hernán will play Luna. Luna was in housekeeping at Oceana Vista Resort back in 2007. Ryan (‘Insatiable’) will play Hannah, Dylan Baker(‘Happiness’) will play Carl Knowlston.

Luiz-Gerardo-Méndez,Nina Bloomgarden,Gabriela Cartol
Courtesy: Peacock


The synopsis which we knew so far is, It is a drama with a touch of mystery. It is described as a multi-generational, love story under the mask of mystery that happened in the resort. The Anniversary trip of a couple will lead them to some unsolved cases. They found themselves entangled with one of the Mayan Riviera’s most mystery which happened 15 years ago.

Méndez will be a detective who was somehow connected to the mystery. Bloomgarden visits the resort with her father and his girlfriend at Oceana Visa Resort. Cartol is a concierge at Emma and Noah’s resort. Luna was in housekeeping at the Oceana Vista Resort back in 2007 before becoming the concierge.

Andy Siara,Sam Esmail
Anna Pocaro/IndieWire; Andrew H. Walker/Variety

The 30 min show was first ordered at Peacock in 2021. This Peacock series has eight-episode order and will be shot in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Andy Siara is the writer, Allison Miller is the executive producer. Sam Esmail and Chad Hamilton of Esmail Corp will also executive produce under Esmail Corp. Ben Sinclair directs and executive produces the first four episodes of the series.