Joni Mitchell Follows Neil Young; Removes Music from Spotify due to Joe Rogan

Joni Mitchell announces removing her music from Spotify

After Neil Young, it is now Joni Mitchell who made a major announcement regarding Spotify. The Canadian singer- songwriter announced that she will remove her music from the platform.

Young recently requested his music to be removed from the popular service. He did this because of major misinformation spread on Joe Rogan’s viral Spotify podcast regarding Covid-19.

Joni Mitchell
Joni Mitchell Official Instagram

Mitchell commented that the lies being spread are costing people their lives. The “A case of you” singer posted on her personal website that she made this decision in response to the irresponsible people spreading lies.

She therefore stood in support of Neil Young and the medical communities worldwide on this issue.

Young fires back at Spotify for being irresponsible

The “Heart of Gold” artist slammed Spotify for ignoring their responsibility regarding the spread of information on their platform. He further added that they are spreading false information about vaccines. And this can be potential reason for causing death.

The streaming platform removed his catalogue from the service and issued a statement. The statement said that with making the best music and audio content available, there is another big responsibility. It is to maintain a balance between safety for listeners and creative freedom.

Neil Young
Rebecca Cabage/Invision/AP

Spotify has apparently deleted more than 20,000 podcast episodes on COVID. The statement further said that they hope Neil will be back on the platform soon.

It’s not just Joni and Neil who doesn’t support Rogan’s view

Discussions are going on that Young’s decision can inspire other artists to do the same. It seems the chain has started already with Joni Mitchell.

Rock musician Peter Frampton tweeted supporting Neil’s decision. He added that he prefers Apple for streaming. Apple Music itself tried a shot at humour after the incident. They posted an animated montage of Young’s album with a great caption.

Moreover, it’s not just Mitchell and Young who took a stand against Rogan’s show. A group of around 270 professors, doctors, healthcare workers and scientists sent an open letter to Spotify earlier this month. This letter expressed their concern about the false and harmful assertions.


And it seems this might go on until the popular streaming platform makes a move.