Sherlock Vs. Sherlock – Who had a Better Take on the Character: Robert Downey Jr. or Benedict Cumberbatch?

While both actors did a fantastic job, here are some factors that make both portrayals stand out

While the world is more familiar in knowing them as Iron Man and Dr. Strange, both Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch had portrayed the famed detective Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In fact, Cumberbatch became a known face after his portrayal of Sherlock. Downey portrayed him in the two movies while Cumberbatch played the role in the series, which ran for four seasons. Both actors did fantastic jobs in the two eras they represented.

Classical Vs Modern takes

Robert Downey Jr. played the Victorian era Sherlock in the two movies directed by Guy Ritchie. He brought out the character’s charm and genius and wooed the audience in the first five minutes of his introduction. His daily life, and the way he solved mysteries induced awe in the audience and combined with Ritchie’s unique directorial style and fight scenes, both movies were memorable and worth re-watching. In fact, it’s rumoured that a third movie might happen.

Source: The Independent

Meanwhile, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a modern-day Sherlock Holmes and perfectly plays how the character would be, in the current era. His take on the character is more arrogant and rude, and sort of missed what the character was originally known for – his charm. But he still has his characteristics and doesn’t lack in brilliance.

In terms of being close to the original, Downey does the better job as his Sherlock is both light-hearted but is strong both physically and mentally. Meanwhile Cumberbatch lacks in the physical strength department in the thriller, but shows how terrifyingly brilliant he is, in the show which constantly leaves the other characters as well as viewers open mouthed.

In the end, we simply cannot put one above the other, as both takes on Sherlock are nothing short of brilliant.