SF9’s Chani And WJSN’s Eunseo’s New Romance-Drama ‘Jinx’ Announces Premiere Date And Posters!

SF9’s Chani And WJSN’s Eunseo’s New Drama Reveals Premiere Date And Posters

K-dramas are initially rising in recent times with many entertaining genres. And another fantasy drama is in talks. The new dram’s cast includes big names from K-pop. Chani and Eunseo will be the lead in the upcoming drama.

The drama is named as ‘Jinx’ and will run from October 6. The announcement was done by  Kakao TV officially. And new posters were also were released.

The new poster from the drama 'Jinx'
Instagram/ Kakao TV

However, the drama will be accepted as the genre is well versed with the present generation.

Details On Premiere Date And New Posters

Along with the announcement, two new posters were released. It looks absolutely heart-warming and catches every eye. In both the posters they seem to stay away from the world. And seek ‘privacy’ for their relationship. They are also surrounded by nature, which is the perfect partner for a couple themed drama.

But fans were awaiting the premiere date. And to their surprise they found it, that too on October 6. So from October 6 the new drama will run at 9 a.m. KST. The show will run every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

So now it is just day away to enjoy the new fantasy drama with renowned faces. They will give an absolute performance for sure.

The new poster from the drama 'Jinx'
Instagram/ Kakao TV

SF9’s Chani And WJSN’s Eunseo’s ‘Jinx’ Plot

As the name suggests, Jinx is a story of  Kyu Han(Chani), a student. He is cursed by a spell/jinx, and whenever he sneezes something bad will occur. His life will be a disaster because of the jinx. However, he is a man of persistent trying and this character will help him to attain his crush. So his character will give a warm and charming screen time to the viewers.

Whereas, Eunseo will play the role of Se Kyung, she is Kyu Han’s co-worker. She is little hard on the out but has a soft side. She covers all her feelings under a sad and painful memories.

So now it is time to wait for the drama to release and fans will experience this incomplete love story.  And witness the answer for the question asked in the poster, “Will we be able to love?”

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