“It was Harder than Expected” Jennifer Aniston Reveals About ‘FRIENDS – The Reunion’

The entire cast was in for a bittersweet experience

Jennifer Aniston was the latest guest in the  Literally! With Rob Lowe podcast, and she shared some experiences from the Friends reunion.

Reunions can be bittersweet. But this was harder than the whole cast expected. Recalling the experience, Aniston said that they didn’t know how it would look like. They knew that fans wanted it to happen, but she always considered that the show got a good ending. Why unwrap something that’s been perfectly packaged?


Finally making it

But when their director Ben Winston pitched the idea, it managed to resonate with everyone. It didn’t sound cheap, like she expected. And it wouldn’t make their perfect product seem any less.

Once they were done filming, they got a nearly two-hour documentary-style special. It included an interview with host James Corden, appearances by other celebrities, table reads of their famous scenes and more. However, it ended up being a lot more emotional than they all anticipated. It was the first time Aniston, along with co-stars Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer got together since the classic sitcom wrapped up in 2004.

The cast of Friends

Melancholic nostalgia

She continued, saying that it affected all of them. 16 years had gone by after their last meeting. She remembered wrapping up all those years ago, saying they were heartbroken that the series came to an end, but they had their whole lives ahead. She recalled the shooting days, saying it was like a happy pill every single day.

The cast of Friends

The reunion was nostalgic, but also a little melancholic. When Rob Lowe asked if anything from the reunion was edited out, she said that only David wasn’t broken. Even LeBlanc, who was the tough guy of the group got misty.

Friends aired for 10 seasons on NBC and is still one of the most beloved sitcoms.

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