Seven Deadly Sins: Anger’s Judgement will be the 4th Season of the Anime, and it Seems Bigger and Better than Before

After three successful season Seven, Deadly Sins is all set for its fourth season. Seven Deadly Sins is anime manga series based on “Nakaba Suzuki”. The first season of this series came on October 5 2014 and it is also available on Netflix in English. Ever since then, it is a much loved on Netflix and has gained a huge fan following. The name of this fourth season is “Seven Deadly sins: Anger’s Judgement”.

Fortunately, we have a confirmed release date for this season. The fourth season would release on October 15, 2020. However, there is slight chance that the release might get postpone because of the current pandemic. This season will have total 24 episodes. This season will be the final of whole series. Each season of the series had 24 episodes, therefore 4th season will also have save number of episodes.



We are expecting a lot of drama, adventure and action from this season as well. However, the viewers were not very happy with the ending of the third season. It will also be available on Amazon Prime and Funimation with Netflix.

In this upcoming season, we will see the group of knights known as “The Seven Deadly Sins” who are disbanded this is the start of the show. Melidos is the leader of this group throughout the series we saw the characters doing things which affect them later in their life. This season is special because it is coming after a break of three years. Therefore, viewers are expecting much more from this season.

According to sources this season would continue its story from where it was left. Also, the quality of animation in this season will be improved as compared to the third season.