Season 11 Episode 4 “Yellow Jack” :NCIS Is All Set With Another Exciting Episodes With Huge Turn Of Events ! Details Given Below.

CBS NCIS is all set to come with new episodes, season 11, forth episode named Yellow Jack.

Moreover, Kensi and Deek investigate the murder of a petty officer who recently departed the USS Allegiance and is linked to Ebola exposure. We can expect a lot of action in the upcoming episode.

What Was The Crisis All About In This Episode?

Moreover, it seems like even Sam and Callen were back on board with the USS Allegiance. Although this time, they were escorting the new Special Afloat. His name was Special Agent Navid, and The episode was becoming a but tensed, and it seemed a little on the earnest side because he wanted to make a really good impression. As the story proceeds he introduced himself to Captain Douglas. He also took the time to get the lay of the land and so there really was nothing wrong with him. Furthermore, it didn’t make sense why one seaman came across as hostile. The condition on the ship was getting worse with more people becoming sick. Lamb was not taking orders from Navid as well.

How Was The Virus Issue Overcome By The Department?

There are a lot of revelations in this episode, as well. Kensi tells Deek that she is not pregnant. They also decide that they should talk about where they stand as far as the issue of having kids are concerned.

The ship’s outbreak was considered to be more a mental thing that was governed by mostly fear and panic. Everyone was clean and was hence not affected by Ebola. Lamb apologized for stereotyping Navid and for judging him. While he was almost dying, Lamb realized what a great man Navid is and was apologetic for judging him on the basis of his ethnicity. They are friends again, it seems.

The episode was filled with action and emotional turmoil. Let us see what happens in the upcoming episode.