Season 10 spoilers on Twitter open for fans to decipher. What were the curious questions and their funny answers?

Season 10 of The Walking Dead faced a delay in the release of the final episode due to the unprecedented nature of the lockdown that has caused more harm than good. The economic conditions of several countries have been impacted. Not only have the workplaces suffered, but fans of TV series have suffered as well. The 10th season has faced a backlash from the public after the delay in the last season.

The officials behind the series have confirmed the delay in the premiere of the 10th season, the reason easy to guess, the pandemic that has made it difficult for the work to progress in any field. The series’s official page on Twitter has made announcements quite actively in the past and continues to do the same. Due to the delay, the fans all over the world have gone helpless and are looking up to the official team to answer their queries.

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Apart from the delay, the news that the season made has been expanded to the response that the official page made to the questions asked by the fans to the movie officials. The unique way this time was them resorting to the use of emojis to answer their questions instead of plain texts to prior announcements. There were 10 slides of Twitter answers that went viral in less time than could be predicted. 

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Fans exclusively wished to know about Beta, who has the ultimate desire to seek revenge for Alpha’s death.

The ten spoilers questioned openly to decipher by the public were answered in emojis. 

The list of spoilers go as follows:

  1. What will be the role of Carol in the finale season? The answer was with a crying emoji.
  2. How did Negan manage to show up even at the finale? The emoji as the answer was a surprised face.
  3. Is Maggie in support of the grey power ranger? The answer was a pair of eyes, mostly referring to a mystery yet to be discovered.
  4. Any off the line behavior by Andrea? The answer was surprisingly a thumbs up.
  5. A fan surprisingly asking about the way Aaron managed to get to the finals and questioned the same to which the response was an emoji of ‘100’ claiming it to be an obvious appearance.
  6. A curious fan asked if the 16th episode would see a faceoff between Beta and Negan which was answered with a coffee sign, showing the signs of chilling to see the show progress.
  7. This one less of a question, more of an assumption when the fan writes that the helicopter community will be making an appearance yet again for finals. The answer was a girl in defense could mean signs of ‘no reveal’ policy.
  8. Another fascinating answer when a fan asked and showed his love towards RJ and Judith come together on a screen. The answer was no meeting, the response was a heart which showed their affection towards the fan’s love.
  9. A Connie fan asked if there would be an appearance of the character to which the answer seemed the funniest, a clock emoji referring to the wait that the fan needs to show to seek an answer from it.
  10. A general question after seeing the trend of the show, a fan asked if the finale would witness any deaths to which an incomprehensible answer came in response, a thumbs-up sign.