The Walking Dead: World Beyond Showrunner Put on an Indefinite Hold

The Walking Dead is an American series, based on the horror genre. The series is based on a bunch of zombies who come across fighter humans and come into a conflict against each other. The series is bought and premiered on the Fox Networks Group. The series has developed and broadcasted 10 seasons to date, with the 11th season facing delays due to the coronavirus pandemic that has blanketed the entire world around itself. Including the 10th season’s ending facing a similar delay.

The premiere of this upcoming season is under progress after a long delay due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic as mentioned before.  

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What is causing the delay in the new season?

No one is oblivious to the problems that the pandemic has caused to human lives. Not only have people been impacted by their health, economy, but also the art industry sets to suffer due to the repeated delays in the release of TV series or movies. The Walking Dead: World Beyond Showrunner was the latest project of the series and was set to be released anytime soon this year.

With the previous season ending in April 2020, the 11th season was supposed to be out no sooner and be ready for viewers for a watch. However, the unprecedented lockdown worldwide has rendered even the artists helpless. Fans need to wait a long duration before anything progresses further.

The premiere has been halted for an indefinite time and will set on the screen no sooner than next year. Be it shooting for the series or the post-production, every sector of work has been paralysed due to the health crisis that arose out of the blue and the artists along with the production, every sector had to stop in helplessness.