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Season 1 of Netlix’s German original Barbaren, or Barbarians fails to impress the audience

Credit: Netflix

Fans didn’t respond to the show kindly, calling it out as ‘cringe’ and having historically incorrect representation

Barbaren or Barbarian season 1 has been declared a disaster by watchers who were watching it on the release date. While it resembles Game of Thrones in certain parts, it fails in packing a punch and doesn’t show much promise. The first season captures the battle between the Romans and German tribes in 9 AD within six episodes. But once people started researching on its historical significance, they found many parts of the real deal missing in the show.

Other issues


German fans have been expressing their disappointment in twitter, where one user said that the original German version was bad but seemed better in English. He said that after one episode in German, he switched to English.

Another fan said it would’ve been better if they added Astrix and Obelix, adding that he’s still waiting for them to appear. The show won’t get any worse even if they appeared. A third fan said that comparing Barbaren to Vikings would be like comparing Alarm for Cobra 11 to Breaking Bad. A fourth one couldn’t contain their disappointment, saying “You’d think you can’t screw up such an interesting story. But you can.”

One person seemed to find a bright side to all this, by saying that the show’s heroine has a very modern side parting. Another person responded by saying why they always portray the characters as having “ultra-dirty”faces but with brand new clothes. One person then complained saying the actors mumbled so much they had trouble understanding what they were saying, adding at the end that they have probably been too spoiled by hearing the refined voices of actors.