Behold, Gamers! Hearthstone’s Duels Mode is Out and it’s an Arena-style deckbuilder

Credit: Blizzard

Early access for the game had started last week, while the Duels beta will be starting in November

Blizzard recently introduced the latest mode for Hearthstone called Duels, but not the Duels that you see throughout the game, but a PvP-style Arena contest which consists of building decks as you move forward from Dungeon Run solo adventures. The early access version is available for those who pre-ordered the mega bundle for the next expansion, while the official beta will be available on November 17.

Duels will have a season run, and every season will have its own theme and new heroes, their powers, and treasures. To start off, a player in the first season will have to pick one from ten Legendary characters out of the Scholomance Academy expansion. Here are the characters:

  • Archwitch Willow (Warlock)
  • Forest Warden Omu (Druid)
  • Infiltrator Lilian (Rogue)
  • Instructor Fireheart (Shaman)
  • Mindrender Illucia (Priest)
  • Mozaki, Master Duelist (Mage)
  • Professor Slate (Hunter)
  • Rattlegore (Warrior)
  • Star Student Stelina (Demon Hunter)
  • Turalyon, the Tenured (Paladin)

Seasonal benefits


Every season will have a new mix of cards, both from past and current expansions. Players get to build a starting deck of 15 cards from this mix. Players who had safely kept their old Wild cards will have a major advantage here, while those without complete collections will have to buy some old sets, from which Blizzard greatly benefits.

In season 1, we will be seeing the Scholomance Academy, Curse of Naxxramas, One Night in Karazhan, among other classic modes. The goal for every player is to win 12 times against other players. If you suffer 3 losses before the 12 victories, you are out.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds has been enjoying major success and a new mode just made it all the more promising.