Saskue Uchiha: The Brilliant Young Boy from ‘Naruto’ who Ends up Being a Criminal – A Review

Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from “Naruto”. He appeared first as a young spiky black haired little boy in Naruto who is a brilliant student in Hidden leaf village. His whole family is already dead besides his brother Itachi Uchicha who is responsible for death of their parents. Therefore the main life goal for Sasuke is to find his brother and kill him. They both are also the last person from the Uchiha clan.



Saskue is strong-willed and does not care too much about anyone besides himself. However, for Naruto, Saskue is his greatest competition but he also cares for Saskue being a friend. Saskue, Naruto and Sakura are teamed up under the guidance of Kakashi Hatake. As his character, he is cold and emotionless sometimes but he truly cares for his teammates.




Later in the show, he also falls in love with Sakura who is already in love with him from a long time. Sasuke was held by Orochimaru for his own advantage. Later Naruto does not lose hope to save him and this rather awakens Sasuke’s good side and he starts considering Naruto as his only friend.

His only goal is to kill his brother, but destiny has something else for him

Sasuke is one of the strongest characters in the whole series. He activates his sharingan in a fight to save his teammates. He is trained by Kakashi to control the Sharingan since Kakashi himself have a Sharingan. With the help of his sharingan he can copy the abilities of the opponent and can also predict the next moves. His cruse is activated by Orochimaro which makes him forget all the humanity and emotions he has.

As a result of which, he only strives for revenge from Itachi but the cruse also makes him stronger than he already is. He has Sharingan in both of his eyes which make him stronger as he grows up. Itachi also dies at the end of second part of Naruto series due to illness. Then Sasuke joins the Hebi, and becomes a criminal. Later he also appeared in Boruto franchise as an adult.