Itachi Uchiha: The Powerful Member of Uchiha Clan who is One of the Favourite Anime Characters – A Review

Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character from “Naruto” who is a ninja. He served as a ninja of Konohagakure’s Uchiha clan. Itachi becomes a criminal killing his whole clan besides his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha who he considers is not strong enough to defeat him. He also kills his own family and therefore Saskue makes his life mission to kill Itachi.

Itachi later joins another international criminal organization known as Akatsuki which brings him in contact with Sasuke. He was calm and insightful from a very young age. He always did best in school and everywhere which sometimes made Sasuke jealous. Itachi always wanted to have more and more power. However there is also a part of him which truly cared about his little brother. Therefore this is also a main reason why he did not kill him.

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What are the powers and skills Itachi is blessed with?

Itachi was also excellent with taijutsu. With his reflexes and speed he can defeat many just with combat. He could also summon crows which he would use to distract his opponent. His crows can also form a clone of him. Itachi’s other powers include fully trained with a sword as he is a member of Konoha. His natural transformations include fire, water, wind, yin and yang Release. In the second part of Naruto he gets killed in battle with Sasuke due to his illness.

Itachi was always very powerful from the Uchiha clan so he can learn complex things just by observing. Itachi is also stronger than Orochimaru Obito. Also once revealed that besides having an unknown illness Itachi can still absorb lot of power from Orochimaru. Itachi also got another chance to kill Sasuke but didn’t when they were in battle. His Chakra is also naturally strong but his ultimate power was ceased because of his illness. Under normal circumstances just three uses of his Mangekyo Sharingan in one day can make him unable to use his Sharingan.