League of legends: Wild Rift- The Upcoming Game which is Already Creating a Buzz Around is Set to Release Soon

League of legends which is grabbing all the attention in the world right now even before its arrival, is a very famous and upcoming mobile game. 

However, it is not confirmed when the game will release but it’s sure it’s going to be in 2020. It is a multiplayer game developed by riot games.  It is available to play on both IOS and Android platforms. It is an online battle arena game the genre of which is action and battle. 

It is an interesting and entertaining game as you can even dress up your champions with loads of themes available in the game. It is a free game, you do not need to pay any amount of money to play this game. 


There will be new updates which will include new leagues and tournaments, and also get to interact with new players, you can even explore new ways of earning points. 

For playing this game on mobiles, one would need at least 1.5 GB of Ram.  This game will also be available on PC in a while but till now there’s no confirmation regarding the date. Alpha testing for the game will begin in the month of June, but not India just in Brazil and the Philippines. 

Riot games make sure to first test the game then only launch it, so yes first the testing of the game will be done, then if it’s feasible for use in all types of mobile phones then it’s going to be launched. 

Even though for the android phones, the Link for testing was made available for a while but it does not seem to work, which is making the people go mad and talk ill about the software of the game.