Sarah Logan And Rob Rowe Are Expecting A Baby Together And Made Some Big Revelations About The Pregnancy: it might be a boy!

There’s some big news on the way as the former WWE star Sarah Logan is expecting a child with husband Ray Rowe! The pair made the big announcement via their Youtube channel, Wild And Free TV Youtube Channel.

Sarah Logan And Rob Rowe Are Expecting A Child Together And Are Too Excited About It! Have a Look.

The small video is full of adorable moments as the pair impatiently waiting to see the results from the at-home pregnancy test and it was positive! The pair were kissing embracing and smiling with Rowe missing Sarah’s belly.

The pair tied the knot back in 2018. Sarah Logan opened up about the pregnancy saying that she never thought of having kids before she met Rob. The WWE star admired that no one before Rob had ignited the motherly instinct within Sarah. Take a look at the video clip that documents all the emotion  the pair is going through at this point.

Sarah Revealed That Her World Is Turned Upside Down With The Pregnancy Thing.

Rob, on the other hand, always wanted to be a father and is looking forward to welcoming the Rob further says that the whole seems like a concept than a reality for him. The baby bump is becoming bigger and bigger and he just wants to take care of his baby momma and the baby at this point.

Logan has moreover, said that she feels like it is going to be a baby boy and she has a strong feeling about it. Her life is being turned upside down with this whole pregnancy thing. She was let go of WWE while her husband stills perform in the pro wrestling group.