Cassie Randolph from The Bachelor denies all rumors indicating her Split with Colton Underwood!

The Bachelor’s Monday night episode was one of the most amazing Season’s special episode. As we all know, Chris Harrison is the host of the show. He was continuously grilling Cassie regarding her split from Colton Underwood. Both the celebrities recently broke up. The couple met each other in the twenty third Season of the ABC dating series.

However, they did not officially got engaged even after dating for so long. And one day late in May we got the news of their breakup. The announcement of their break up was made by the couple themselves. However, we still do not know the reason behind them splitting. Even the fans are eager to know what exactly didn’t work out between them. The news was a shocking one for fans who loved to see them together. And they are hoping that everything comes to place again. But it seems quite a difficult task.

When Chris asked Cassie, 25, the reason for their separation and why did they seperate their paths. she just tried ignoring it by replying that It is a sensitive topic to discuss since they have not yet got over it. She said that she is still emotionally attached to him. And that they haven’t finished discussing about it yet. However, she said that she is really sad about what happened.

Chris however, came up with a reason. He said that Colton is battling with COVID-19 and this could be one of the reasons why a tensed environment grew between the couple. Whereas, Cassie tried to close this topic.–ALyOnGxY/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

To end the topic she said that whether it be COVID Or the lockdown it had nothing to do with their separation.